5 Watch Brands We’ve Seen on “Mad Men”

AMC’s hit period drama series “Mad Men” wrapped up its award-winning run in 2015, but some people are still discovering the show and the array of vintage timepieces that its characters were wearing across the show’s seven seasons. Here are five iconic watch brands that we’ve identified on the wrists of the show’s characters.

Set in the turbulent 1960s, “Mad Men” achieves its authentic 1960s look thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in everything from set design to clothing fashions. One of the aspects the show’s staff pays special attention to is the replica watches worn by the characters on the show, with vintage replica watches carefully selected to be as true to the era as possible. Here are the brands and models we’ve seen represented. read more

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Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Tudor Pelagos

In today’s world of replica watches, it’s become to hear raves about the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, and its place as an extension of the historical Tudor Submariner line, it is easy to forget about the modern series that most closely follows that model’s lineage, the Tudor Pelagos.

Tudor Submariner - Vintage
Tudor Submariner – Vintage

For historical background, the Tudor Submariner (pictured above) was first released in 1954, the same year as the Rolex Submariner. That watch, the Reference 7922, held many of the characteristics we’ve come to associate with dive replica watches today: a luminescent dial, large hour markers and hands, a water-resistant case, and an outer, rotating 60-minute bezel. As time went on, the brand released many different references in the series, notably the “Big Crown” Ref. 7924 (from which the Black Bay draws many of its features); the Ref. 7928, which first introduced crown guards to the series; and, perhaps most importantly, the Ref. 7016, which first introduced the “Snowflake” hands that have become a signature element of Tudor dive replica watches. Until the series was continued in the late 1990s, the replica watches were constantly improved but underwent only minor aesthetic changes. In 2012, the Tudor Pelagos rose up in its place. read more

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