Swarovski Octea Sport Ladies’ Replica Watch

Swarovski Octea Sport Ladies' Watch Watch Releases

Swarovski is making bold moves, ladies! (Guys, be at least idly aware).

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While other brands are scaling back and trying to focus on how to stay relevant in these times – Swarovski is taking their beloved crystals and developing their own line of replica watches, to properly exhibit the beauty – on a timepiece.

My initial thought upon seeing the new line of replica watches from Swarovski was that it looks so familiar… I tried to think of the exact predominantly women’s brands that it reminded me of, and then I realized – all of them. ChanelDiorNixonTag Heuer. read more

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Swarovski Octea Abyssal Automatic Replica Watch

Swarovski Octea Abyssal Automatic Watch Watch Releases

For the last few years I have really admired the collection of replica watches from Swarovski. They offered nicely designed quartz replica watches with a lot of cool personality and prices that aren’t totally outrageous. The only problem was that they were all ladies replica watches… bummer. My favorite model was the Octea Sport. Last year, I heard a rumor that Swarovski was going to release new men’s replica watches – it turned out to be true.

For 2012, Swarovski gets three new watch families, all for men. My favorite is the Octea Abyssal Automatic – which is essentially a male version of the Octea Sport that is a super-looking watch for women. The toughest thing that these replica watches have going for them is the Swarovksi swan logo. You see it on the dial, on the crown, and on the case back. I guess the logo can grow on you, but it isn’t very masculine – not that it was ever designed to be. read more

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