Detailed Review With The SevenFriday M2 47mm Replica

SevenFriday Mens Replica proved with the P1 (and P2 and P3) that intriguing replica watchmaking could be done without costing the Earth. The P1 combined great looks, out-of-the-ordinary functionality and a budget-conscious RRP, and, unsurprisingly, became very popular. Now the benchmark has been set, the people at SevenFriday can show what they’re really capable of. Think of the P1 as the warm-up act: the main event is about to start.

The industrially themed creations take a step into the abstract for the new M1 and M2 (the M1 is in bare stainless steel, the M2 has a PVD coating). SevenFriday M2 Replica Watch quotes jet turbines and vintage dials as the inspiration for the design of the M1 and M2, and the cues are clear: the stacked dial and vent-like slots have a dynamism that engenders speed without the need for actual motion. As with the P1, the dial is the focus of the replica watch, comprising of six layers made of ten separate parts. read more

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Take A Look At The SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 Mens Replica

The recent release of the SevenFriday V-Series Replica made a few waves in the brand’s ocean of fans. This is one of the most popular, best-selling, and fastest-growing indie swiss watches replica online brands out there. The original P-Series replica watches were instantly identifiable, present in evermore retailers around the world, and had a die-hard following (as well as an equally ardent army of detractors, which is always good for generating debate). When SevenFriday débuted the V-Series, I was one of the fans of old left on the fence. I liked a lot of elements about the new replica watch – the creative – if slightly confusing – hour indicator, the quick-release strap system, and the day/night indicator – but I was seriously concerned that it was too different from the P-Series to be considered congruous with the brand’s original aesthetic. Well, the release of the SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 has gone some way to allaying those fears, but not in the way I might have expected. read more

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