Monochrome and Minimalist: Three New Rado True Thinline Watches

Rado’s new releases for 2016 have embraced the concept of lightness and streamlined, minimalist design. Perhaps best embodying this “less is more” aesthetic are this trio of new timepieces from the brand’s True Thinline collection, with three monochromatic color schemes.

Rado True Thinline - black - reclining
Rado True Thinline - black - frontRado describes the designs of the new True Thinline models as “stripped to their barest essentials,” with the dials adorned with nothing but an hour and minute hand and a Rado logo — no indices, subdials, seconds hand, or design flourishes. Available in three colors — black, white, and a gunmetal gray color the brand refers to as “plasma” — the watches all have cases made of high-tech ceramic (Rado has long been recognized as a pioneer in using this light-but-sturdy, scratch-resistant material in watchmaking), measuring 39 mm x 43.3 mm in diameter and a wafer-like 4.9 mm thick. The watch weights just 82 grams.

Rado True Thinline - plasma - reclining

Rado True Thinline - plasma - frontThe monobloc ceramic cases — made of solid ceramic in a special process that eliminates the need for a stainless steel core, as in other ceramic watch cases —  are all polished, while the dials and flanges have a sunray finish. The sapphire crystals are curved; the winding crowns and three-link bracelets on each watch are made of the same polished ceramic as the case. Continuing the lightweight theme, the bracelets fasten with three-fold buckles made of titanium.

The Rado True Thinline is outfitted with the incredibly thin quartz caliber 9 ETA 210.001, which is just 1 mm thick and ticks behind a solid, sandblasted titanium caseback. The retail price for the black (Ref. 140.0741.3.018) and white (Ref. 140.0957.3.001) versions is $2,100; the plasma model is $2,200.

Rado True Thinline - white - recliningRado True Thinline - white - front

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Watch Insider’s Top 10 Best-Value Chronographs

As new watches from Basel and Geneva begin to hit retailers, let’s revisit last year’s Top 10 Best-Value Watches lists, which I assembled for my blog, We’ve covered my favorite chronograph watches and men’s dress watches already; now I put the spotlight on chronograph watches offering the best value for money.*

To be clear, I do not endeavor in this list to name the “cheapest” chronographs, but to recognize those that offer the most at their price point. I am sure that some brands might offer chronograph watches similar to these for less money; to me, that doesn’t necessarily make that other watch more attractive. The price differences in many of these cases are usually very small, in any case. To reiterate from my previous lists: this is an alphabetical listing and not a ranking. As always, the watches listed here are my own personal favorites. No jury has voted, no one has whispered anything into my ear, and — most importantly — no brand has paid me to be listed here. If you would like more information about one of the watches on the list, please use the search function on my blog. I have reported on all of them during the year, and you are likely to find many more pictures and additional technical information on them. Many of the watches have also been covered separately here on read more

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