Fratello Classics: 5 Interesting Pre-Owned Watches Under $4,000

As with pre-owned cars, some of the watches out there are very much worth buying even if they are slightly used. Unfortunately for some brands (or owners), watches can depreciate quite a bit. The opposite can also be true, though: a pre-owned watch can be nearly as expensive as a new one. In that case, you should consider whether it even makes sense to buy a pre-owned watch if it is not some kind of rare, collectible, limited edition of some kind. Basically, there are two reasons to buy a relatively young, pre-owned watch. One of them the most important, is the price. Why not let someone else take the hit on a brand-new watch? Secondly, the watch might be some kind of exceptional model that is either out of stock or hard to get new. Below, I showcase five interesting watches that can be had (pre-owned) for under $4,000. To arrive at this list, I studied the various online markets for pre-owned watches, as well as sales forums and online dealers. Also, I excluded all “vintage” watches, defined here as anything 25 years old or older. read more

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