The 2010 Replica Watch Buyer’s Holiday Gift Guide

The 2010 Watch Buyer's Holiday Gift Guide ABTW Editors' Lists

So you want to buy a watch? Be it for yourself or as a gift to someone else, the following guide will help you this holiday season with a number of good choices, brands, and suggestions for various types of people. This guide is designed to lead you in the right direction when making a purchase decision. For each of the listed brands you’ll find just a single model as an example. That isn’t to say that the pictured models are the only good buying options in that brand. Plus, if you find that a pictured timepiece is out of your budget, there is a good change you’ll find lower costs replica watches that share the style. I try to list the best examples of the selections below. read more

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Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Welcome to’s annual holiday season watch giveaway. Each month I offer a single watch for you to win, but this month you have a chance seven (lucky) chances to to win. The rules are exactly the same as any other month, but this month I will simply choose a winner for each of these seven replica watches. If you win, what you receive will be randomized – which makes things a bit more interesting.

Up for grabs are seven very competent timepieces that I know you will enjoy. First is a Phosphor World Time watch with a great e-ink Display. It retails for $150 and you can learn more about it from Phosphor right here. read more

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Jorg Gray Replica Watches Gets First Brand Ambassador With IndyCar Driver

Jorg Gray Watches Gets First Brand Ambassador With IndyCar Driver Watch Industry News

Watch brand Jorg Gray has just signed their first brand ambassador. It is a big step for a brand to get to the point where they start signing ambassadors. The lucky guy is IndyCar Grand Prix race car driver Alex Tagliani. He will be we wearing Jorg Gray replica watches during his races. He is here seen wearing a Jorg Gray JG910-13 watch. Jorg Gray started with a tried and true area and several IndyCar drivers have such deals. I think this will work out nicely for them.

Jorg Gray Watches Gets First Brand Ambassador With IndyCar Driver Watch Industry News

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Jorg Gray JG3700 Replica Watches

Jorg Gray JG3700 Watches Watch Releases

One of Jorg Gray’s new for 2011 models is the JG3700 collection that comes in both three-hand and chronograph models. For an interesting watch under $1,000 Jorg Gray offers a lot of good choices. Visually interesting though still classic in their proportions the JG3700 watch collection is an interesting range.

One of the nicest elements of the design is how the Italian calf-leather strap is fitted to case. This integrated look is always a bonus. The case is 45mm wide in steel and water resistant to 100 meters. Some models are polished while others are polished and then done in IP black. The crystal is one of those mineral glasses coated in sapphire. Different brands have different names for this, but the idea is to offer the scratch resistance of an all sapphire crystal in a less expensive watch. read more

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The Grand Holiday Replica Watch Giveaway For 2011

The Grand Holiday Watch Giveaway For 2011 Giveaways

It’s another holiday season and to celebrate your dedicated readership of this month’s giveaway will have multiple winners (not just one). Like any other month, you follow the simple instructions below to enter for a chance to win a watch. If you are chosen as a winner then you’ll be randomly selected to win one of the available giveaway replica watches. This month’s selection includes a cool range of replica watches that you can all enjoy. Check them out below. read more

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The Jorg Gray Clint Dempsey Limited Edition Game Timer Replica Watch + Interview

The Jorg Gray Clint Dempsey Limited Edition Game Timer Watch + Interview ABTW Interviews

In the wake of adding soccer star Clint Dempsey to their list of ambassadors, watch brand Jorg Gray has announced a new limited edition watch to commemorate the partnership. Clint “Deuce” Dempsey is an American soccer player who plays in both British and American leagues. Dempsey was recently traded from Fulham FC to Tottenham Hotspur FC in the British Premier League and is regarded as one of the top strikers playing today. The new watch is the Jorg Gray 2500-22 Clint Dempsey Limited Edition Game Timer and, unlike many ambassador models released to the watch world, Clint Dempsey actually helped to style and design the 2500-22. Dempsey fans should definitely take note of this limited edition soccer themed watch. read more

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