Jacob & Co. Epic Sf24 Flying Tourbillon Replica Watches For Sale

No matter your opinion on Jacob & Co., everyone can agree the brand is never boring. At Baselword 2013, Jacob & Co. raised eyebrows by releasing its Epic SF24 travel timer watch. A unique watch, to say the very least, it displayed the local time via a typical dial and time in a separate timezone at 12 o’clock using a special retro-style flip clock display like we might see used at airports. Now, three years on, we see the new luxury fake Jacob & Co. SF24 Flying Tourbillon watches, as well as a diamond version.
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Throwing A Curve: The How, What, When, Where and Why Of Mainsprings


Our watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner knows better than anyone else that mainsprings perform herculean tasks. With a maximum thickness of just 75/1,000 mm, they develop strong torque, which they keep almost constant. Gisbert will show you why.

A mainspring’s torque is directly proportional to its width. Doubling a mainspring’s thickness increases its torque approximately eight times. Its length also influences the movement’s running autonomy: each millimeter added to a mainspring’s length extends the movement’s running time but  simultaneously causes a linear decrease in its torque. Building movements that ensure uniformly strong driving torque and long running time poses a special challenge for watchmakers. Mainsprings must satisfy diverse requirements. They must not become weakened, bend out of shape, kink or (heaven forbid) break. They should also resist corrosion and magnetism. Around 1965, the carbon steel used to make mainsprings began to be replaced with cold-rolled alloys that were less vulnerable to friction and wear.  Mainsprings made with these alloys rarely suffer any of the problems listed above. read more

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