Eberhard & Co. Contograf Watches In Black & Camouflage Hands-On Hands-On

Eberhard & Co. Contograf Replica Watches In Black & Camouflage Hands-On

Eberhard & Co. is one of the Swiss replica watch brands that we  don’t cover too often on aBlogtoWatch, but that isn’t because they don’t make nice replica watches – and the still new Eberhard & Co. Contograf is one of my favorites. If you’ve been aware of Eberhard & Co. previously, it is probably for their chronograph watches that have four small subdials all in a row. While I love the uniqueness that comes with a brand’s signature products, I am going to be honest that I like this much more familiar looking vintage re-issue watch that Eberhard & Co. based on a model from the 1960s. read more

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